Wednesday, July 17, 2013


except he’s more like, muscle-thighed heyday!Dan, but aww yeah GN!Dan action figure

As you can see, he’s… pretty much perfect. Like I really don’t know if you could render him better in three dimensions, and I say this as someone who puts Patrick Wilson’s movie!Dan in the “he was perfect in the role and I will fight u” category. He’s surprisingly posable, even with that almost shelllike cape, and comes with a bunch of little owlarangs and a grappling hook gun. Not sure where they got ‘tragic childhood’ from (even Before Watchmen just kind of shows it to have been seriously unpleasant, but not really the factor that makes him go “I KNOW WHAT I MUST DO”), but I’ll admit it, I laughed at the “unnaturally obsessed” part of the little bio card.

God, his costume is so goofy. Sometimes I forget that.


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